How to choose the best dental insurance

Dental insurance concept text write on transparent wipe board by hand holding a marker

Dental insurance concept text write on transparent wipe board by hand holding a marker

Insurance is one of the most important things that you will ever purchase, and there is a whole lot of conflicting advice out there about the very best way to go about choosing the insurance that you need. This becomes even more complex when you realise just how many different kinds of insurance there is out there: home insurance, contents insurance, fire insurance, car insurance, life insurance, professional liability insurance . . . it may seem a little overwhelming, and many people who simply can’t face the complication just decide that they are not going to get any insurance at all. Needless to say, this is a big mistake – but it is possible for someone who is very insurance conscious to ignore some of the smaller insurances that are, in fact, just as important if not more so than the rest.

Take dental insurance, for example. No one plans to have to need to see an emergency dentist, and if you asked many people how often they have thought about buying dental insurance, you would probably get a lot of very strange looks or confused faces. Dental insurance just doesn’t seem necessary to most people because they assume that they are always going to have the teeth that they had in their youth – and yet any dentist can tell you that that is sadly just not the case. After all, you don’t not buy car insurance because you don’t think that you are going to crash. You don’t ignore the fact that you need to buy house insurance because so far, you have never been robbed. The whole point of buying that insurance is because the future is unknown, and you have no idea what it could bring you.

Dr Paige Woods (an AETNA San Diego dentist, amongst other things) sees a vast number of different kinds of people walk through her dental practice, and it is always amazing to her to see just how many people come to see her who do not have any sort of dental insurance. One of her specialisms is emergency dentistry, she perhaps sees more than her fair share of patients who could really have done with dental insurance, and so after the diagnosis and treatment is over, she will often sit with her patients and try to explain the necessity of them finding some dental insurance. So how do you go about finding the best one?

Well, for a start, any dental insurance is better than no dental insurance. If you currently do not have any dental insurance at all then it almost doesn’t matter at the beginning which kind of dental insurance you choose because you will automatically be better protected, no matter what kind you choose! However, if you are in one of the more high risk groups – you really enjoy playing contact sports and rarely wear a gum shield, for example, or you love doing DIY but you take tumbles from ladders rather easily – then it would be worth looking for a dental insurance policy who specifies that they will help after accidents of that nature. Always read the small print and make sure that the policy you are taking out is going to protect you from accidents, even if they could be considered to be self-inflicted.

Dental insurance is not a choice: it should be something that you buy for yourself as soon as you become an adult – and when you have children, you should purchase it for them too. It’s up to you what kind of dental insurance policy you want, but as Dr Paige Woods would say, any policy is better than no policy.

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